3 September 2011

7 Dont's in Aplication Letter

Briton Bulletin

  1. DON'T write your curriculum vitae more than 2 pages. Write only those, which are related to the job applied.
  2. DON'T ask for unspecified position, example "I want to apply for any position in your company". STATE the position that you apply for.
  3. DON'T be to untidy. Always use clean, smooth paper and printed in black.
  4. DON'T be too sophisticated. if you send your application letter via e-mail, make sure that your attachment can be opened.
  5. DON'T write their name incorrectly. Call the receptionist or the secretary of the office to ensure their name.
  6. DON'T write unusual or childish e-mail address, example teletubbies@indosat.net.id or sicantikseksi@yahoo.com
  7. DON'T set weird sentence or song in your answering machine or mailbox. it is better to change it when you are waiting for a reply of your application letter.
Now. you know exactly what to do with your application letter
Good Luck !
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